Lexile Measures & Beginning Readers

Finding The Most Appropriate Books for Beginning Readers Just Got Easier

We’ve advanced the science behind measuring text complexity and now provide more precise text measurement for content used in K–2 classrooms.

To help support the use of Lexile measures for beginning readers, we’ve developed a Communications Toolkit (pdf). Below are the resources referenced in the Communications Toolkit:

Next Steps

  1. Make sure your product or service can accommodate the BR reporting convention for Lexile measures below 0L. This includes the display of the BR code, as well as potential filtering of books with BR code (if your product or service currently filters books by Lexile measure).
  2. (If needed) Incorporate updated Lexile measures into your product or service. Although the vast majority of books have Lexile measures that will not change, a small subset of books will receive an updated Lexile measure. For more information on the criteria for receiving updated Lexile measures, please see our FAQs. If you had any titles that require updated Lexile measures, you would have been notified by one of our team members.
  3. Determine if and how you want to use the early-reading indicators. Some partners are using the early-reading indicators to aid in content development. Others are making the early-reading indicators accessible to their customers. Decide what is best for your team and customers and then plan accordingly.
  4. Help educate your team and customers on these advancements and incorporate the new messaging in your materials and outreach.

Questions? Contact Nathan Hall:

Nathan Hall

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